This is a blog about teaching, mostly English teaching, mostly novice English teaching, and perhaps in time some other stuff I enjoy too, like books, boxing, or anything else that tickles my whimsy.

fullsizeoutput_10c0I currently work in an all-boys, inner-city comprehensive that is in Special Measures, and have just achieved QTS via the Assessment-Only route. As I’m sure you can imagine, life is fairly challenging. However, I work alongside great people who are committed to improving outcomes for our boys. Myself? Most weekdays I work 12 hours, and I do my marking at the weekends. So you’ll excuse me if the updates here are somewhat threadbare.

I like teaching. Often I even love it. But not always. So it goes. I guess that’s pretty typical.

I used to dream of being Arsenal’s number 10. I still dream of becoming a novelist. But mostly I dream of becoming Welterweight Champion of the World.

I’ve been recommended by 4 out 5 doctors and 100% of vets. I have all my own limbs, digits and hair, and a big, throbbing vocabulary.

Any views that may or may not be expressed in these pages are, sadly, my own. Unless they’re not. In which case, they’re not.

I tweet @ebiThomasJ

Thomas James


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