because memories

are the authors of the soul


This is a blog about teaching, mostly English teaching, mostly novice English teaching, and perhaps in time about some other stuff I enjoy too, like books and boxing, or anything else that tickles my whimsy.

fullsizeoutput_10c0I currently work in an all-boys, inner-city comprehensive that is in Special Measures, and recently achieved QTS via the Assessment-Only route. As I’m sure you can imagine, life is fairly challenging. However, I work alongside great people who are committed to improving outcomes for our boys.

Away from work, I used to dream of being Arsenal’s number 10. I still dream of becoming a novelist. Mostly I dream of becoming Welterweight Champion of the World.

I’ve been recommended by 4 out 5 doctors and 100% of vets. I have all my own limbs, digits and hair, and a big, throbbing vocabulary.

A quick note on pronouns. I choose to use the masculine pronouns when the gender of the noun they refer to is indeterminate. I realise this irritates some readers, but I do have a solution. If male writers use masculine pronouns and females the feminine, then our problem is solved.

Any views expressed in these pages are, sadly, my own. Unless they’re not. In which case, they’re not.

I tweet @ebiThomasJ

Thomas James


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